Plasticote 70 Application Guide
How to prevent the producing of pinholes, bubbles & foam during the coating process Plasticote 70施工注意事项
如何避免Plasticote 70在施工过程中产生过多的小(针)孔、气泡和泡沫
Bubbles are pockets of air or solvent vapour trapped under the surface of the coating. Pinholes are bubbles that reach to the surface of the coating and burst. Foam is extreme bubbling.
Pressure points can occur where components are inserted into the circuit board leaving tiny gaps. The size of those gaps will depend on how hard or soft the surface of the circuit board is and also whether the components are inserted/fitted tightly or loosely.
Causes of pinholes, bubbles & foam/小(针)孔、气泡和泡沫产生的原因 Factors that can cause these effects include: 导致以上现象发生的主要原因有以下几个:
1. When applying the coating, the wet film surface can form a skin (i.e. the surface dries faster than the rest of the coating), trapping solvent vapours under the surface which can bubble or burst out. This can occur particularly when the air temperature is warm or hot.
1. 当进行涂层施工时,湿润的涂层表面会形成类似“皮肤”的结构(因为涂层表面的干燥速度比内部要快),并将溶剂挥发气体阻隔在表面以下——这将导致气泡的悬浮或者冒出。该情况在环境空气温度较高时更容易发生。
2. If the coating is applied too thickly or is too viscous, any bubbles which are created in the process of application can become trapped in the coating before they settle out.
2. 如果施工时涂层涂覆过厚或者黏度过高,大部分在施工(喷射或者涂覆)过程中所产生的气泡将更容易被阻隔在涂层内部而无法游离出表面。
3. Air trapped under components on the circuit boards by the coating process can be forced out during the drying / curing process and cause bubbles.
3. 在对印制电路板进行施工时,涂覆过程中被收纳在元器件下部的空气将会在涂层的干燥以及固化过程中被排挤出来并形成气泡。
4. Pressure spots with the coating inside them can absorb air which can be seen as small bubbles when the coating is applied.
4. 压力点附近的涂层材料可能会吸纳少量空气从而导致涂覆过程中微小气泡的产生。
5. Using a brush to apply a coating which is too viscous or brushing the same area repeatedly before it dries can cause bubbles.
5. 在采用刷涂工艺时,如果每次刷得太厚太粘稠或者在前次施工涂层未彻底干燥之前即进行后续施工都可能导致过多气泡的产生。
6. Incorrect spray equipment or spraying pressures can cause excessive bubbles & foam.
6. 使用不合适的喷涂设备或者采用不正确的喷涂压力都可能导致过多气泡甚至泡沫的产生。

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